How would you like to help 
your teen move from social 

Is your teen's current level of social development setting them up for success?  
Does his lack of social skills make him feel awkward and overlooked... 
... and you want to help him increase his self-esteem?
Does she avoid dining situations because her poor dining skills embarrass her ...
... and you want to provide her with dining training to get her started?
Are you concerned that your teen's overall social competence may LIMIT Their ACCESS, CONNECTIONS, AND INFLUENCE ...
... and you're ready to make a change?
Have these needs been being put off because you don't KNOW WHERE TO GET HELP, or HAVE ENOUGH TIME, or HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE?
I understand.

It is amazing how missed social skills can rob teens of their self-esteem and confidence... create day-to-day thoughts of doubt... and make them (and YOU) feel like a failure.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE... I have helped parents and teens just like you... let me share Sarah's success story...
 Sarah was concerned that her teen daughter, Megan, wasn't socially interacting well with her peers. Megan felt awkward, didn't move through space well, kept her head down, and had a hard time making eye contact when speaking to others... After a few sessions focusing on posture, eye contact, dress and self-esteem, she came out of her shell! She came to class happy, self-expressed, dressed a bit flashier, and with strong eye-contact. She now initiates conversations, interacts with her classmates more, and is more engaged in school. It only took 4 one hour sessions, with weekly tasks to develop her skills...
I want to do the same for you!
I'm Miss Cynthia...
A Certified International Etiquette Consultant, certified through the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London.

I have spent my life using the social skills I teach others, and have benefited from them in countless ways. 

I want your teen to experience them too!
How Peacful Would You and Your Teen Be If...
She could picture herself walking into a room wearing her best, and all eyes turn on HER... 

He could see himself sitting at the table eating like a pro without breaking a sweat.

How amazing would it be to have your teen experience all of this without wasting time or money?

Imagine YOUR TEEN with more confidence & self-esteem, and a happier life once the solution is placed in your lap...
The 15-Day Teen Challenge 
 The Secrets to Mastering Social Etiquette 
It teaches your teen the skills to navigate any social interaction from begining to end!
Here's What's Included...
LIFETIME Access to the
15-Day Teen Challenge 
 The Secrets to Mastering Social Etiquette 

15 Days of Instructional Videos with Miss Cynthia

Each day, your teen will recieve a lesson from Miss Cynthia. Our challenge curriculum includes: 
  • You Have to Believe You Can
  • Building Character
  • Grooming & Dress
  • Posture
  • Speech & Communication
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Dining , and much more...      ($997 value)

15 Days of "Challenges" 

Each day, your teen will recieve a "Challenge" based on the content of their lesson. It has to be completed by the NEXT DAY! What a great way to get the learning's going to be intense!                                                     ($257 value)

Question & Answer Calls

Parents & Teens get ONE HOUR weekly LIVE CALLS with Miss Cynthia to get answers to their specific questions, receive feedback on their skills, and hear what their classmates are experiencing.
                                                                    ($397 value)
PLUS these exclusive bonuses...


PDF of the Challenge Workbook

The challenge workbook includes content from all 15 sessions. Teens can reinforce what they've learned, take notes, and use the workbook as an ongoing resource.                              ($97 value)


4-Course Dining Instructional Video with Miss Cynthia

This step-by-step video shows students how to order from the menu, interact with wait staff, use cutlery properly, use proper table manners and much more! They can watch the video over and over again until they get it right!
                                                                     ($197 value)


Pre-Written Thank You Emails, Notes & Letters 

Whether a birthday or graduation gift, your teen will be prepared to express their thanks via text, email, a note or a letter. These templates will get them started. Never again will they be at a loss for words! Included are the rules for writing a thank you note!!
                                                                    ($197 value)
Here's what makes my challenge valuable to you, and different from the rest...  
-ALL OF THE WORK HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU! You don't have to figure out what to teach your teen, collect content, organize it into a learning program, create your own learning tools, or find a place to house it all! It's already done! 

- You have access to ME. Most online programs DO NOT provide you with access to the creator. You pay a price, recieve access to the course and are left to learn on your own. My challenge includes support, and allows you and your teen to ask questions throughout their learning experience!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you purchased the 15-Day Teen Challenge, had your teen attend each session and complete all of the work, and you believe it did not help him/her develop social skills, please write to me within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.
It's Your Teen's Moment...
It's time to register your teen for a social adventure like no other! Here is what you can expect...

- Daily instruction filled with bite-sized rich content, learning tools, and guides to help them develop new skills and practice what they have learned.  

- Weekly Live Q & A calls to get answers to their questions about the content. 

- To never be alone.

- To receive encouragement and support every step of the way. 

I invite you and your teen to work with me, and together we can make your social development goals a reality! 

Now is the time.

Your teen is one lesson away...
Miss Cynthia
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  •  LIFETIME Access to our virtual challenge, made up of 15 Days of Step-by-Step Instructional Video Miss Cynthia!              ($997 value)
  • ​15 "Challenges" the exercises that build skills!                  ($257 value)
  • ​3 LIVE Q&A Calls with Miss Cynthia to get answers to questions, and feedback on how to develop their skills.                   ($397 Value)
  • BONUS 1: PDF of the Challenge Workbook                       ($ 97 Value)
  • ​BONUS 2: A 4-Course Dining Instructional video.           ($197 Value)
  • BONUS 3: Pre-Written Thank You Emails,                                                 Notes & Letters                                                                        ($197 Value)
Total Value: $2,142
But today, you're getting all of this for...
Only $227
Register now... time is running out!
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