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Miss Cynthia

I worked hard at gathering some of the best minds in teen development FOR YOU! What they have 
to share will impact you and your teen! I invite 
you to attend our summit, and listen to our experts share their insights, and expertise to help you prepare your teen for success! 
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What To Expect In This Summit

powerful messaging

You will recieve insights from experts in 20 different areas that will help encourage growth in your teen!

strategy Development

You will identify your areas of focus, begin to draft your plan, and walk away with the steps to begin!

ongoing Resources

Our experts will provide you with resources and freebies so you won't have to continue your journey alone!
Guest Speakers & Event Schedule
Guest Speakers And Event Schedule

Day 1: Setting a firm foundation

Mary Therese Friel
Former Miss USA

You Can Be the Model You
Miss Mary Therese is a former Miss USA, and knows what it takes to present the best YOU possible. She discusses her
philosophy behind You Can Be the Model You, and how it focuses on developing the whole person. Miss Mary Therese explains its impact on self-esteem, and shares the ways teens can become their model you.

Tamiko Zablith
2011 Royal Wedding Protocol Expert

The 3 Reasons 
Manners Matter
Miss Tamiko was England's 2011 Royal Wedding Expert. She believes in doing all things properly, and knows that manners still matter. Join her as she shares what she believe are the top 3 reasons manners matter, and what impact they have on our teens.

Megan MacCutcheon, Licensed Professional Counselor & Author

Boosting Self-Esteem by Managing Your Inner-Critic 
Megan Macutcheon defines self-esteem and explains why it is important. She discusses what it means to “manage your inner critic," shares how parents can quiet theirs, and keep it from derailing them.

Melissa Lyons
Award-Winning Author Coach & Speaker

Journaling: A Path to Creativity and Inner Wisdom
Join Melissa Lyons as she explains how journaling differs from keeping a diary, at what age to begin, how it can lead to miracles, and ways to use it to tap into creativity and insights. What a valuable tool for our teens to learn!

Miss Cynthia Ely
UK Certified Youth Etiquette Consultant

Charting Your Dream Path
Your Dream Path™ is a life mapping process designed to help teens create their desired life plan for a specific period of time. They create their goals, identify the skills they wish to develop, the support they will need, and how to address their barriers. Come experience this process first hand with Miss Cynthia!

Dr. Stanley Byrd
Certified ACC, DEI Thought Leader

Belonging, What it is & Why it is Important for Teens 
Everyone wants to feel they belong. All humans desire a connection with someone who cares and to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves. Teens are no exception; since adolescence is such a radical time of change, the need may be even more prevalent. Dr. Byrd, DEI thought leader and professional coach, defines belonging, shares how it impacts our teen’s identity, as well as the impact on learning.

Barb Klein
Certified ACC 
 Speaker & Author

Revealing the Truth & Crushing the Myths About Meditation and Mindfulness
Looking to learn more about meditation and mindfulness? Listen to Barb Klein as she explains why these two practices are  important for Moms and teens to know, and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. Powerful stuff!

Hon. John C. Ninfo II
Founder, Credit Abuse Resistance Education 

Safeguarding Your Teen’s Future with Financial Cents
Retired bankruptcy judge John C. Ninfo III is founder of the Credit Abuse Resisitance Education program, delivered in schools districts around the country. Join us as he shares what teens need to learn in order to make sound financial decisions, and how parents can safeguard their teen’s financial future. 
Keynote: Building Up

Sr. Pastor Darla Edlin

Pastor Darla has helped many parents navigate their teens through the dating years. As a parent herself, she believes "parenting requires prayer, honest conversations and an effort to build our teens up. We must build their confidence in who they are and what their purpose is. Once they know that God created them in His own special image, they won't settle for just anything or anyone." Come hear Pastor Darla's message of encouragement! 

Help your teen build an unshakable foundation!

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Day 2: The secrets to motivation

Dr. Scott Geller
Distinguished Professor
Virginia Tech

The Psychological Science of Motivation and 
Personal Success
Dr. Geller defines motivation, and explains why it is critical for success in school. He then points out the difference between success seeking and failure avoiding, and why this distinction is important for motivating ourselves and others.

Dr. Kenneth Rhee
Dean, School of Business & Leadership
Nazareth College

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Why It's Important for Academic and Career Success
Dr. Rhee explains why leadership matters, and its importance in academic and career success. He eloquently defines emotional intelligence, and explains its importance in effective leadership.

Nermine Zakhary
Strategic Strengths Coach Certified™

Mom, Play to Your Strengths and Keep Your Teen Motivated!
We have shifted from a focus to develop your weaknesses mindset to a play to your strengths one. Join Nermine Zakhary as she discusses strengths, and shares why parents should look at theirs. She helps you to discover YOUR strengths, and how to STOP focusing on weakness.

Aesha Ash
Instructor, School of American Ballet Founder, 
The Swan Dreams Project 

Beyond Ballet
Miss Aesha is a former NYC ballet dancer, and founder of a ballet program that conveys the message to young people that beauty and talent are not constrained by race or socio-economic status. Join her as she discusses her challenges during her career, how art helped, how she used it to help others, and why more young should experience it.

Sandra Sabene
Creator, Creative Rhythms™
TEDx Speaker

Creativity as a Self Care Tool For Managing Stress & Anxiety in Teens 
Art expert Sandra Sabene differentiates between standard and expressive art classes, and the average art class and hobby art making. She helps parents learn how to search for a creative outlet for their teens, and how these activities can benefit them!

Chris Rush
Executive Director, Champion Academy Extreme Mentoring

The Power of Teen Mentoring
Mentoring is a valuable tool meant to help teens develop the skills they will need to be successful. Chris Rush explains mentoring, and why it is important for parents to know about it.
He shares the benefits of such a partnership, and encourages parents to engage a mentor for their teen.

Irene McKenna
Parenting Coach & Podcaster

Feeling Empowered Parenting Your Teen
Are you familiar with the difference between surface parenting and empowered parenting? Irene McKenna will show you how to have a real effect on your teen, instead of living in frustration and stress. She discusses the cost of parenting in reactivity, and helps you to discover what is behind it and how it can pokes holes in your teen's motivation.
 Everything will be okay in the end.

If it's not okay.... then it's not the end 

- John Lennon

Keynote: You've got Talent

Luk Dewulf

Luk Dewulf is an author, Tedx speaker and expert in talent development and appreciative inquiry. He has worked with hundreds of parents and teachers to discover their talent and work through burnout. Come listen to him share his definition of talent, explain how to discover it, and share how to deal with burnout. 

Are YOU READY TO ignite your teen's fire?

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Day 3: crushing threats that come

Kathy Jo Connors
Learning & Development Expert

Why Your Teen's Learning Style Matters
The education and talent development industries have been discussing learning styles for years.  Come listen to Kathy Jo Connors as she clearly explains what learning styles are, and why they matter. She identifes each, and makes suggestions to parents who want to take advantage of thier teen's learning style. 

Jonny Shannon
Australia's Motivation Speaker of the Year

Bully-Proofing Your Teen
The incidents of bullying have grown to painful heights. Join Jonny Shannon as he genuinely shares the signs that may indicate a teen is being bullied, and helps parents learn the best way to approach the subject. He suggests ways teens can deal with their bully, and addresses what parents can do if their teen is the bully. He is engaging, fun and empathetic.

Jared Green
Gracie Certified Jiu Jitsu Instructor 
Certified Personal Trainer

Prepare Your Teen to Defend Herself Against Bullies without Turning
 Into One
Unfortunately, bullying can go beyond names calling, finger pointing, rumor starting and acts of exclusion. Sometimes, it can get physcial... and dangerous. Watch Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Jared Green as he demonstrates how to use verbal assertiveness to deter bullies, and non-violent (yes, non-violent) self-defense techniques to stay safe if physically assaulted.  

Linda Heeler
Professional Certified Coach
Podcast Host

A Coach-Approach to Parenting Teens
Linda Heeler shares her powerful coach-approach parenting model. She explains how parents can discover, clarify, and align with what their teen wants to achieve, and encourage them to discover their likes, dislikes, and opinions. Linda shares examples of parents who were able to stop coaxing, bribing, punishing and caving in and began partnering with their teen using this method. Learn to guide your teen to create their own solutions and strategies as you hold them responsible, capable and accountable.
Keynote: It’s Not the Adversity that Defines Us, But How We Use It 

Roland Williams

Former Oakland Raider and Founder of Champion Academy, an extreme mentoring program, talks to us about resilience. We live in a world where we experience adversity and need to figure out how to work through it; there's no way to avoid it. The key is not to let it define us, but to learn how to use it!

arm Your teen to resist the threats waiting for them!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is this only for Moms with teens?
No. While this summit is created with moms of teens in mind, anyone who influences the life of a teen will benefit from it!
What results should I expect from attending the summit?
You can expect to recieve encouragement, information, and actionable steps to build (or further develop) your plan to prepare your teen for success.
How long will the videos be available?
The Free Ticket allows for videos to be viewed for 24 hours. The All-Access Pass provides lifetime access to the videos!
Will I have access to the speakers?
Yes. In the speaker notes, we have provided the speaker's name, email address, phone number, website and link to programs or events they are offering.


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